How can I contact Occupy My Family to submit an event?

Marketing and public relations agencies, event venues, performers, and industry professionals are welcome to send us press releases, press kits and invitations directly at occupymyfamily@gmail.com. Readers are also welcome to contact us via that e-mail address. For our mailing address, please send a request to our email address.

Where do I find Occupy My Family – Atlanta on social media sites?

You can find Occupy My Family – Atlanta on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr. We post exclusive content on each site that you won’t find on this site. Please follow us, like us and share us!

Who designed the owls in your header?

The owls in our header were deisgned by and have all their rights owned by Larissa Holland and are not part of the Occupy My Family logo.

9 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. I love occupy my family site! Very helpful, thank you. I have 2 step daughters and a new mom to a 2 yr old boy and never could find inexpensive events for our family. Wish I could search by dates instead of city. Thank you, Angie

  2. Do you have any plans to integrate an add calendar option like iCal, Oulook, Yahoo or Google Calendar like evite has?

    I love your web site, it’s very useful.

    • Events are manually published in a timely fashion and are not automatically published upon submission. This action allows us to review each submission’s content for appropriateness and gather more information to complete the post for publication, if necessary.

      Cassie, we did receive your events yesterday and they will be reviewed this afternoon. Thank you for submitting them!

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