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*REVIEW* ‘Peter Pan’ at The Fox Theatre Atlanta (August 7- 12, 2012)

Location:  The Fox Theatre- Atlanta   660 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA Review:  From the first note of music to the last, we were enthralled by Peter Pan, the first show of the season from Theater of the Stars at The Fox Theatre. I got home and started to write this review and rehashed the performance in my head, trying to decide which part was my favorite.  There was seeing Peter flying and flipping in the air- that was pretty good. Nana and the crocodile were excellent.  The joint songs and dancing with the pirates and Indians had our feet tapping.  Rooster crows, Tinker Bell, on and on.  I don't think I had a favorite part.  It was non-stop excitement and non-stop fun! 

The story was portrayed in such a way to entertain young audiences but it did not leave out anything for adults and will entertain audience members of all ages.  It has a the touches of the classic fairy tale that we all loved growing up and, as parents, have shared with our children.

It’s been 24 hours since the performance and everyone I’ve talked to today had to listen to me gushing over the performances and, of course, The Fabulous Fox.

Leading up to the show I was curious how the lead actress would be after the many, many years of playing the role.  The 59-year old Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan was, of course, the scene stealer.  She performed like her body hasn’t aged in 30 years. Incredible!

In addition to Rigby having the bodily spunk I can only dream of, I must mention how delightful her singing was to hear.   Another voice in the show, Brent Barrett, as Captain Hook, must be complimented for his beautiful vocal talents.

Would I see it again?  Yes! Would I take my kids to see it? Of course! Would I take my grand kids to see it? Absolutely! I know if you bring your family, you’ll love it too!


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